About Joanna


So….that’s me!

In 2004, I married the guy with me (he designs and builds robots and also is a pretty great husband and father)

In 2005 I graduated from University of Waterloo with a degree in Biomedical Science (which I haven’t used even a little bit), and in 2006 finished Teacher’s College at University of Western Ontario (haven’t used that either!)

In 2007, we had our daughter who loves to draw, write, and create (and who has a fish named Normin)

In 2009, we added our first son who loves sharks, Superman, and building.

and in 2012, we rounded out the family with our second son who loves to snuggle, climb, and destroy!

This is them:

D7X_6004I work with some lovely adults with physical and intellectual disabilities and try to keep up with friends. I also love knitting almost as much as I love yarn.

In short, I’m a little exhausted but totally love my little family of five and life in the Schmidt-house!


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