not quite picture perfect

Today I just want to cry – in fact, I have…a few times. I want to curl in a ball and not come out.

This morning I came up the stairs to my husband turning my son around so I could see his face and his handful of hair. He had cut the front right off. I know – most parents have a story of at least one of their kids doing this and it does grow back. I know it is only hair. But I still just want to cry.

It isn’t going to be an easy fix. I would have been fine with trimming it or even cutting it short – in fact I ask him every few weeks if he wants to trim it as it does fall in his face a lot. So far he’s decided to keep it, “long and beautiful” which makes me happy because it really does suit him long. But this is not going to clean up easily. He took out the full thickness and it’s REALLY short on one side.

The thing that pains me the most is that I finished my sweater last night. The one I’ve been desperately trying to get done so we can get professional family pictures done for the first time in 2 years. The one that I love so very much and is fall colours. The one that I bought sweaters for the rest of the family to match. The one that took so long because the little one has been getting teeth and had thrush and a sore throat and I just couldn’t find time to knit because my arms were full. And I received a gift for my patience. The weather forecast is beautiful next week and perhaps it could happen after all.

And now the middle one looks goofy. I mean, I’ll take him to the hair dressers’ and we’ll fix him up as best as we can (recommendations for places are welcomed)…but these pictures that I’ve been so excited about and for which I’ve put so much effort into getting ready will not be what I was imagining.

It’s hair. He’s still exactly who he was yesterday even if he looks a little goofy. It will grow back. It’s just not quite picture perfect…



1 thought on “not quite picture perfect

  1. LOL I’m so sorry you have to go through this, but the good news is that three years from now you’ll gaze upon that family photo and you and your husband will be filled with such happiness and love and memory and you’ll laugh together and reminisce about that time when Zander was little and just what sort of kid he was at that age to do something like that. This is a blessing, even though it may not feel like it. Next year you’ll have one done picture perfect and it will hit that void spot this particular round is creating and you’ll have two wonderful pictures in the end – but the one you’ll cherish most in the end will be this one. I promise you.

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